Our Coalition

Our Coalition is a network of organizations that use our coffee to facilitate meaningful gatherings. As part of our mission to bring more light and love into the world with our coffee, we offer bulk coffee bags these "outposts" at a wholesale prices.


Supporting Outposts

Outposts are what we call the churches, nonprofits, community centers, and organizations who have a similar mission to create a purposeful culture and atmosphere with our specialty coffee. We offer direct access to our coffee at wholesale price.


In addition to bulk wholesale pricing, we also invite the leaders of each outposts to join periodic community calls together with us. In these calls, we share ideas and inspiration with each other for how to creatively vitalize a culture of dignity, unity, and purpose in our respective gatherings.


Interested in leading an outpost?

Contact us and we'd love to chat about it! Share a little about what your organization does, who it supports, and how coffee plays a role in your community.